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We offer microgreens subscriptions for home delivery and curbside pick-up and chef direct services.  Please visit the 'Shop' page to purchase a home delivery subscription.  If you are a chef please send us an email with your questions or request a quote.


For chef direct, variety and availability vary, but we can meet your needs with proper lead time.  Specific crop requests are welcome!  Below is a small sample of what we offer.


  • Sunflower (mild sweet flavor, great for balancing flavors and adding depth)

  • Sorrel, Red Veined (tart citrus leaves, with visually stunning red veins, excellent presentation)

  • Cilantro (great flavor, shape, and presentation)

  • Cress (beautiful white stems with green leaves, unique peppery flavor)

  • Red Garnet Amaranth (attractive fuchsia stems and leaves. Mild, earthy flavor, and unique color)

  • Sorrel, French (oval-shaped delicate green leaves, French type, and bright lemon flavor)

  • Basil, Dark Opal (beautiful dark purple to green color, heirloom variety, intense basil flavor)

  • Leek (long, slender greens, excellent appearance, and subtle allium flavor)

  • Arugula (very popular, peppery with dark green leaves and purple stem)

  • Radish, Hong Vit (spicy flavor, brilliant purple stems, and tender green leaves)

  • Radish, China Rose (spicy & floral with hints of sweetness, vibrant pink stems with dark green leaves)

  • Radish, Daikon (creamy white stem with a vibrant green top, fresh & spicy, succulent. 

  • Purple Kohlrabi (lightly milder sweet taste, spectacular purple color adds some flash)

  • Red Cabbage (mild well-rounded brassica flavor with a touch of heat, beautiful purple coloration

  • Fennel (delicate, sweet anise flavor with subtle hints of sweetness)

  • Pea (small delicate shoots have a pleasant, sweet flavor, new tendril growth and add texture)




We strive to work directly with chefs in the San Antonio, TX area.  If you are interested in a tasting or tour of our operation, want the latest list of what we are growing and prices, or have a crop you would like to explore with us, please contact us.  




Ordering for an upcoming meeting, workshop, or training and looking for an option that is nutrient-rich? Our artisanally crafted salads are guaranteed to leave you feeling healthy.


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